What does not kill Facebook and Google, get them stronger

What does not kill Facebook and Google, get them stronger

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From 25 may on the territory of the European Union will begin to act the General Regulation on personal data protection (GDPR). The law was adopted to put pressure on corporations such as Facebook and Google, which the European authorities have carried out. However, the new regulations will likely increase the influence of American Internet giants, and their European competitors.

From may 25 European users may voluntarily give or to give consent to the transfer of their personal data to third parties. In theory this should be given to people who are more in control of their personal information, such as giants like Facebook and Google. However, the law could hit small Internet companies, while Facebook and Google from the new rules will benefit.

The adoption of a new regulation on personal data protection was carried out by Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, which leaked data 87 million users. The result is Mark Zuckerberg had in two days for a few hours to answer questions from U.S. senators, how this could happen.

What does not kill Facebook and Google, get them strongerAs the scandal with the leak of information reflected in the profit Facebook

The researchers then found that the users were able to find the data for the third-party sites with an account in Facebook. In response, users of social networks began to remove their accounts, which, in the opinion of many experts. Nonetheless mark Zuckerberg continues to insist that Facebook has nothing to fear. Including innovations from European regulators.

The new EU law on data protection requires companies to maximally explain to the users what information about them and who will be available. Then the user can either accept the conditions and continue to use the service.

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But this law will primarily hurt small businesses. Primarily due to the fact that users are wary of unknown companies and do not trust your data to someone. The level of confidence in the world-famous brands, by contrast, are high, even after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

Primarily the personal data necessary companies with targeted advertising. Facebook, incidentally, has already responded to the demands of the EU authorities: last week the social network recognition technology.

What does not kill Facebook and Google, get them strongerAs Google has incurred the wrath of the Internet publishers

Prepared for the innovation and Google. The world’s largest search engine has stopped, for example, to scan emails in its mail service. Instead, recently launched a service that relies on the context of other articles. Google has warned partners that they will need to obtain the consent of users to transfer data.

The result would have an impact on those companies who do not have direct access to customers. According to the representatives of the advertising industry, Google and Facebook are simply to the extent that they have never heard of. And most likely they will click on “no”.

According to the head of AdUX Cyril Zimmerman, his company easier, for example, to stop self-assemble customer data and begin to pay large companies. “For them it’s easy. And who knows what AdUX?” – he asked.

Amid the scandal of the use of Facebook user data, the social network.

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