VGJ.Storm in the top 3 major. 3 facts about the victory over Team Secret

Medusa is back in the game

The latest patches were mercilessly beaten by romerom. Now the active movements in the first minutes were much smaller, and the mid-calves began to feel much calmer. Particularly well in this situation are heroes like Medusa, which after the stage of lining, happy to go to the forest to farm stacks. In the morning VGJ.Storm using this character for 25 minutes, figured out with the OG. On the first map of the semifinal winners’ bracket Team Secret in the same style.

Timid attempts to distract ACE from the farm in the woods no nothing – Kerry Team Secret was becoming stronger every minute. Then VGJ.Storm decided to go in a dubious attack on the Medusa straight on Shrine opponent. Take this rasparennogo monster was only the cost of the lives of the four heroes of the VGJ.

When Ace went alone to attack the players VGJ, who picked Roshan, the question about the winner cards were lifted almost instantly.

Team Secret lost the second map in two missfit

The spectrum that we saw in the victorious. The secret of the peaks in the group. VGJ.Storm understands this and went to risky Smok-RAID the enemy’s forest, hoping to catch the enemy carry. The spectrum of this development somehow did not expect.

In the next fight Magnus gave ultimate, but then took the players. VGJ.Storm directly to their Shrine, reducing to zero a great start of the attack. Without key AoE-spells Secret players again failed to show their maximum in massgate.

Then VGJ seized the initiative and never letting it out of their hands until the bitter end.

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Light up the Darkness, and KotL – Lycan

The third map in the match turned into an epic battle of the two opposing natures and tactics. Team Secret relied on Likana and Leshrac, which is surely broken by the structure of the opponent under cover of night.

AND VGJ.Storm hoped on the strength of his team fight and Aganim Boiler, which regularly wikilegal the whole team in the light of day.

The idea of ​​the American team was stronger. During a protracted siege heroes Team Secret several times went to the tavern, while the health bar Resale on DK so never and has not fallen to a critical level.

VGJ.Storm takes place in the upper bracket, final and have, as well as a minimum, to secure third place in the tournament and 130 thousand dollars (in the rating of the DPC team is not involved). With the next opponent of the resolution and his teammates will play only on may 19.

VGJ.Storm in the top 3 major. 3 facts about the victory over Team Secret

A Schedule Of does not fit.

VGJ.Storm in the top 3 major. 3 facts about the victory over Team Secret

The player is known for his play on the shaker (the only hero on which he plays a little better than the rest), an essential player of the team. AS.GG (just do not who to call) 2000). DotA for 3 years (havent had accomplishments). Who is this player?

VGJ.Storm in the top 3 major. 3 facts about the victory over Team Secret

May 8, Dota 2 has been added “Mutation”, it is available for holders of the combat pass.

In the “Mutation” is available unrated games.

Mode modifiers “Mutation” on may 16

Immobility protects against damage: if the hero stands still, all damage is reduced by 50%.

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Fast abilities: cooldown reduced by 50%, mana regeneration increased by 100%.

Random creeps on the lines of: random neutral creeps have invaded the ranks of ordinary fighters.

No money, no awards. The problem of Combat pass

“Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, run!”. All replicas of the commentators of Combat passes in one video

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