The screws for the spine

New ceramic material for vertebral implants was stronger and safer than the usual metal.

The screws for the spine

The screws for the spineFixation of the cervical implant for instability of the vertebrae. (Photo: Artusmed)

There are a number of spinal disorders, ranging from severe curvatures and ending with the injury when the vertebrae to stabilize the special implants. To attach the implant to the bones, use the special screws. They are now doing mostly metal, but with metal screws there is a risk of allergies and inflammation; in addition, their lifetime does not exceed 10 years.

Researchers from Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) has created a ceramic material in which these disadvantages no. The screw of ceramics must be much more durable, so that the patient does not actually have to change them at all.

With the addition of composition of complex compounds (aluminum oxide with spinel alumomagnesium), they are much stronger than screws of common pottery: when screwing in the bone. Finally, ceramics are not threatened by the trouble with the immune system.

NEVZ-CERAMICS “The technology of the new material and the manufacture of screws of it is already patented, and a trial batch of new screws made for JSC” NEVZ-CERAMICS “. After preclinical experiments it is the turn of animal studies. Several implants implanted pigs, and yet all the evidence suggests that the new material is really safe to immunity and that after surgery. If the test is going to end well, these screws can be used when installing a vertebral implant people.

The researchers note that the oxide ceramics, which they created, can not be used in medicine, also in metallurgy, electric engineering, power engineering, heat engineering and as a base to create other new materials.

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By the way, the previous development staff NSTU – knee implants with high-strength ceramics – has been introduced into the medical practice, and today patients established more than three thousand of these implants.

On materials of the NSTU.

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