The robot helped doctors to remove a cancerous tumor in the spine

The robot helped doctors to remove a cancerous tumor in the spineThe tumor was removed through the larynx. Image: University of Pennsylvania

Doctors at the American University of Pennsylvania have removed a patient with a malignant tumor in the cervical spine. It is noted that the main tool of operation was the robot.

Officially, the professionals called it raboroko, and such a robotic operation was carried out for the first time in the world. According to the website of the University, the 27-year-old patient found in pozvonochnye rare malignant tumor chordoma.

The operation took place in three stages and lasted approximately 20 hours. First, the doctors have limited the margin of the tumor by ultrasound, the surgeon then using roborate cleared the way to the tumor, and then removed it through the larynx. Then the doctors split to restore the tissue of the spine using metal structures and part of the femur of the patient.

The operation was in charge the nine months ago, and now the patient is almost fully recovered.

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