The expert compared NASA and the Russian space monitoring system

The expert compared NASA and the Russian space monitoring system© Fotolia / Vadimsadovski

MOSCOW, May 14 – RIA Novosti. The Russian Space Monitoring System (SCCP) "sees" in high Earth orbits there are more satellites and space debris than is contained in the catalog of the American system, the chief designer of the SCCP Victor Shilin said.

The expert compared NASA and the Russian space monitoring systemThe expert evaluated the prospects for cooperation between Russia and the US at the lunar station

According to NASA and the open information of NORAD (Command of the Air and Space Defense of North America), in the American catalog there are almost 19,000 objects, of which just under 5 thousand are operating and failed satellites, and the rest is space debris.

"At present, the SCCC catalog in low orbits has almost twice as few objects as in the published data of the US SCC catalog, and in high orbits it is much larger – by about 2 thousand", Shilin said in the course of the RAS Council on Space held in Moscow dedicated to the space debris problem.

According to his data, in particular, at present there are 7,000 objects larger than 20 cm in the low-Earth orbit (from 160 km to 2 thousand km) in the Russian SCCP catalog, as well as 6,000 objects measuring 20-40 cm high ( from 2 thousand km to 50 thousand km) near-earth orbit.

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