RVC will help to go on exchange

RVC will help to go on exchange

Russian venture company (RVC) will invest in Mature companies, which up to 2020 will create three funds later stages, spoke at the presentation of the investment strategy of the company, its investment Director Alexey Basov. RVC’s share in such funds will not exceed 1.5 billion rubles. and not more than 20% of the total investment and the registered capital of each Fund may reach 7.5 billion rubles., explained Bass. Each Fund must be a private co-investor whose share is expected to exceed 30%, said Bass. The other shares will share other private co-investors or development institutions, adds the company representative.

Also, in addition to funds Mature new investment strategy funds for young management companies with experience in related fields. Their capital needs to reach 1 billion rubles, the Share of RVC in them can be up to 25% and own the management company will have to invest in this Fund is not less than 5% of its capital.

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