Marathon: review all parts of “Taxi”

Marathon: review all parts of "Taxi"

Marathon: review all parts of “Taxi”. – Image 1

April 12 world premiere of the film “Taxi 5” (in Russia from may 10) – continuation of the French franchise of the police of Marseilles, investigating various cases with the help of a taxi driver . In the fifth part of the Morales and his friend detective Emilien, unfortunately, no longer exists. In honor of the new film I decided to recall the previous parts of one of my favorite kinoserialov to refresh your experience before going on “Taxi 5”.

“Taxi” is one of the most successful French Comedy franchise (the first film with a budget of 53 $ 210 million has been collected in the world hire).

All part of the franchise, including “Taxi 5”, was produced by famous director Luc Besson. And, it was made and scripted the first four films of the series.

The success of “Taxi” created by other filmmakers to create similar projects. I even think that “fast and furious” appeared and became popular “Taxi”: Taxi was the first to come out in ’98, The first The Fast and the Furious – 2001.

The biggest “clone” of this franchise was the film “new York taxi” in 2004, where the main role was played by singer Queen Latifah (that she got the role of a talented young taksistka-engineer), the famous American TV host Jimmy Fallon and model Gisele Bundchen.

The film was coldly received by critics and not so much in theaters.

Another “clone” “Taxi” was the Indian movie Dhoom, also released in 2004. And he, unlike the American version, has Besson and adapting them to bollywood.

The last adaptation was the American sitcom-procedural COP show Taxi Brooklyn on NBC news about new York detective, solving crimes with the help of the taxi driver of France, is able to develop tremendous speed. The show lived one season and was closed.

But back to the original franchise!

Marathon: review all parts of "Taxi"Marathon: review all parts of “Taxi”. – Image 2

One of the most popular French kinofranshizy began with this film. Luc Besson and, of course, simple, not overloaded with unnecessary storylines, scenario, sustained excellent balance of humor, action and a light detective.

But the film was not due to the chemistry between the actors. “Taxi” was the first step to fame for the actress Marion Cotillard. None of her colleagues on the film, has not succeeded as she is. This helped her first three films “the franchise”.

But “face” (or faces) series of films had become not her, and Naseri (Daniel Morales) and Frederic Dieffenthal (Emilien kutan-Korbitec). Taxi driver-beginner who can find common language with anyone, and the COP is a loser, which is determined by its lack of seriousness and naivety, by chance in Marseilles, and their joint attempt to catch a gang of Bank robbers is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Confident, Daniel and Emilien, always in a group of friends, and always with each other, so their tandem is regularly created a variety of fun and sometimes even absurd situations (because one of them is at all step violates the rules of the road). Here, of course, the merit of Luc Besson, who wrote the beautiful relationships, shows the contrast between such different characters and humanizes them. “Taxi” is still a comedy about relationships, not about the cars, and fans of the franchise.

Not to mention, of course, Bernard Farsi (Commissioner Gibert) and Edouard Montoute (detective Allen), because these characters are the only characters of the first film, who appeared in every film of the franchise. Including in “Taxi 5”.

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Taxi was great for 1998, the chase, many expensive (at the time), and the great opportunity to see. The focus of the road is where the main effect is. Marseille is an amazing city, and it was after all the “Taxi” I wanted there to ever visit.

But the main achievement, in my opinion, was the quality of humor. Unlike other comedies “Taxi” was a clear distinction, for which Besson never left. All the jokes on the theme of relations could not be awkward. That is why it has become so popular, including outside of France.

Marathon: review all parts of "Taxi"Marathon: review all parts of “Taxi”. – Image 3

The second film (and the two following follow-ups) is shot the not the gérard pirès and gérard Krawczyk. In the filmography of the Director, in addition to Taxi, one can only point out the “Wasabi” in 2001 with Jean Reno. And the second film is my favorite in the franchise, because it turned out to be much bigger and colorful than the first part.

When creating the script for “Taxi 2” Luc Besson wanted to make a sequel maximally dissimilar to the first part. And he did it.

If in the first film, the French police were confronted by a Russian gang of thieves, the sequel to the Commissioner Gibert and his people are entrusted with the protection of the Japanese defense Minister, who is kidnapped by the Yakuza. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

The film is captivating in the first place, so that, like the French police, the viewer is unusual to see in Marseille fighters the Japanese mafia. And this is really surprising contrast works great in “Taxi 2”, continuing the magic with absurd and funny situations happening Emilien and Daniel.

The second part is better than the first shows how Girard incompetent and ready to go to his men to cover his unlucky head, and along the way. It is only as stupid as the Commissioner could come up with a series of dummy attacks on the Japanese Minister, and to lose it with control of the whole police of Marseilles.

And, of course, the main merit of “Taxi 2”. In the second part, Emilien and Daniel are trying to improve relations with their girlfriends, which is very harmful to the whole story with the Yakuza. However, it is the second part of the two girls – Lily (Marion Cotillard) and Petra (Emma Wiklund) is revealed better than in other parts of the franchise. They also complement the main characters.

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For example, prepared and confident Peter the great set of Duty, allowing him to show their best traits, among which the most important is sincerity.

And I always remember “Taxi 2” thanks to the scene with a massive accident in front of the Eiffel tower and the Champs Elysees. This is probably the funniest crash I’ve seen in a movie. At least in the franchise there was nothing better.

Marathon: review all parts of "Taxi"Marathon: review all parts of “Taxi”. – Image 4

The third part, in contrast to the previous (“Taxi” on April 8, and “Taxi 2” – March 29) came on January 29, it was decided to tie up for the winter theme and the New Year. This time the French police confronts a group of robbers in the costume of Santa Claus.

“Taxi 3” changes the emphasis of the narrative: instead of attempts of Emilyen and Daniel, we show the problems of novice fathers. This is a natural development of the plot, because of the parts of the franchise.

The rest is all the same “Taxi” with the excellent car chases, a good joke, and Commissioner Gibert, who in this film is competing with But who will prove themselves the most incompetent COP. And wins, of course, Commissioner. This man is a joke with each new part of “Taxi” is becoming more and more caricatured.

Largely “Taxi 3” consists of replays of the best elements of the previous films, enjoyed a change of scenery and antagonists. Trikvel adheres to a familiar schema and noticeably sags in the dynamics to the previous films. But the humor is still great.

In “Taxi 3” is presented by the best chase in the franchise – Daniel rides on a snow-covered slope in Switzerland using a special rubber for the wheels. You think about it – taxi rides at high speed on a mountain slope! This is a very beautiful scene, though absurd. But this is the perfect metaphor for the entire franchise “Taxi” – impressive, funny, but unrealistic.

And yet the film includes a hilarious adventure by 300 km / h. Sylvester Stallone is a special agent who is impressed by the talent of 300 km / h.

Marathon: review all parts of "Taxi"Marathon: review all parts of “Taxi”. – Image 5

The fourth film in the franchise was to be the final point in the history of Emilien and Daniel, so Luc Besson has set out to prove that! still a good COP. Although the film shows the main failure in the career of detective, which was dismissed from the police.

“Taxi 4” tells how the Commissioner Gibert and his people are entrusted with the guarding of the most dangerous criminals in the world, but due to the overall incompetence and stupidity of the Duty he escapes from the police station. Left without a job, but asks for help from Daniel and together they go in search of a terrorist.

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By the way, albert van den Bosch is the most ridiculous antagonist in the whole franchise. It serves as the most scary and dangerous, but the actor Jean-Luc Kushar is not looks. And this again is the difference that allows “Taxis” to create a hilarious relationship.

In the fourth part of the Luc Besson deliberately reached the point of absurdity in some moments, finally turning the film into a comedy. If before, the humor is alternated with the relatively serious parts of the story, “Taxi 4” is, first and foremost, wonderfully written Comedy. But that upset is in the film. This important part of the previous films, “Taxi 4” is still lost in favor of other elements.

For example, the continued development of the characters and bring them to climax to the children. In “Taxi 4,” we show the children of Emilyen and Daniel, who walk in the footsteps of their fathers and remind them of hell of a character.

In this sense, “Taxi 4” is the final story of the main characters. To complete the circle, their children would become the Central characters of the film, but, alas, there will not be so. It was probably for the best. I’m glad of the story of Emilien and Daniel ended that with “Taxi 4”. It’s not perfect, but funny movie that could be a great end of the franchise on a high note.

But Besson has decided otherwise. Eleven years after the release of “Taxi 4” goes to the fifth part, in which there is no of Emilyen and Daniel, and we will be introduced to new characters – the nephew of Daniel and the Paris police inspector the investigation. That’s a bit of the annoying: the film’s Director franc Gastambide – starred in the title role and wrote the screenplay (and the producer on the same film – Luc Besson).

And “Taxi 5” for some reason the 18+ rating that is at most. It’s weird.

Marathon: review all parts of "Taxi"

“Taxi 5” is a very bad movie that tortures the viewer to boring storyline and low-grade fart jokes (how do you pererabatyvaya poop called “Kaka-2000”?). The fifth part can not be considered a full-fledged continuation of the series – better watch our video review and to pretend that the history of the legendary Peugeot and its owners safely over the fourth film.

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