Males are brown widows suicidal females prefer older

Males are brown widows suicidal females prefer olderSpider brown widow (Latrodectus geometricus)

Male spiders of the species brown widows prefer to mate with more experienced females. This is despite the fact that in this case, the probability to end up in the stomach of females is much higher. The results of the study of Israeli biologists are published in the journal Animal Behavior.

Some researchers suggest that the homeland of spiders is of the form of brown widows (Latrodectus geometricus) is South Africa but they are met in Africa and in the Americas, Australia, southern Europe, China, Japan and many other countries. They are kind of black widows and other members of the genus are different, as the name implies, coloration that varies from light to dark brown. On the lower part of the abdomen have brown widows, you notice the label in the form of orange or yellow hourglass. This species of spider, like other black widows, is poisonous, but their neurotoxic venom is the least dangerous to humans. One of the most famous distinguishing features of this genus can be considered that often after mating, the females eat their sexual partners.


Researchers from the University named after David Ben-Gurion in the Negev, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the academic center of the Volcano. Males were given a choice between poluvreme and Mature females. Thus, the mating and incubation of eggs were ready and those and others. Biologists have suggested that males choose partners younger-first, they are more prolific, and likely to be eaten by the young. However, to their surprise, went horribly wrong.

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Suicidal males prefer more experienced partners, contact with which are 50% more likely ended for them, death in the stomachs of females. Biologists are unable to explain this behavior, suggesting that experienced females to attract attention to themselves, using some kind of specific pheromone. However, in order to confirm this hypothesis, we need the following studies.

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