In Scotland found “chess of the Vikings”

During excavations of an ancient monastery in the North-East of Scotland, archaeologists discovered a stone plaque for the Scandinavian Board game resembling chess.

In Scotland found "chess of the Vikings"

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Scottish experts from enterprises Cameron Archaeology along with volunteers, conduct excavations on the territory Girskogo Abbey in Aberdeenshire. The monastery was built in 1219 Cistercian monks on the ruins of a more ancient religious complex. In the X century there was created Dirka book — the gospel, written in Latin, old Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages. This is the oldest surviving example of the Scottish Gaelic literature of Scotland.

In Scotland found "chess of the Vikings"

About a thousand years ago, the monastery ceased to exist and was turned into ruins, but the earth has preserved many important historical evidence. Among them — the remains of the stone hearth of the XII—XIII centuries, with traces of charcoal and ceramics samples. The recent discovery scientists call particularly interesting: archaeologists have found the Board for hnefatafl — Scandinavian Board game similar to chess. It needed a ruled surface on which two players move chips of different values, and sometimes used dice to make the decision about moving figures.

The first mention of this game belong to the III century B. C. Later the Vikings brought her to Greenland, Iceland, Wales, Britain, and presumably in Kievan Rus. But in X—XI centuries with the spread in Scandinavia chess, hnefatafl was forgotten. Found in Discom Abbey Board still Dating.

To date, came only a few such artifacts. The most similar were found on the Orkney Islands in 1989, and he implemented no later than the ninth century.

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