I use the messenger? You are under the gun Scam

The number of cyber attacks on Android OS, implemented through the services of the messaging, in 2017 rose more than 14% compared with the previous year. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to the researchers and Dr InfoWatch. Web.

Widespread messengers has become fertile ground for scams, says German Klimenko, adviser to the President of Russia on the development of the Internet. “If five years ago you could only lose personal photos, but today it is commercial correspondence, accounts, contacts,” he said.

Usually, identity theft is carried out by programs posing as or messengers or their alternative versions with extended functionality. Not enough savvy users install this software, then there are two scenario.

In the first, the victim is offered to download additional components, for example, as in the case with a fake client WhatsApp, which contain malicious code. In the second – scammers, steal username and password of the account, and then threaten to reveal the secret of the correspondence around the contact list, unless they receive a ransom. Both, as you know.

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I use the messenger? You are under the gun Scam

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