Doctors have warned about the dangers of ties

The doctors came to the conclusion that the tie constricts the jugular vein and carotid artery,which leads to a negative cerebrovascular effects on the body.

Doctors have warned about the dangers of ties

Wearing a tie in damaging the blood brain figured out the experts of the University hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. The study is published in the journal Neuroradiology.

The study involved 30 volunteers. Half of them were asked to wear a tie and make it magnetic resonance imaging. The remaining patients also underwent testing, but without the accessory.

It turned out that the result of wearing a tie is significantly reduced cerebral blood flow.

The doctors also drew attention to the fact that in many companies and professions, the dress code includes a tie and a shirt with a collar. None of the employers do not think about the dangers of this “socially acceptable strangulation”.

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