Creative Director of DayZ left the Studio

Creative Director of DayZ left the Studio

Developers DayZ promise that long-suffering project. However, the creative Director of the game Brian Hicks This is not the only time Bohemia Interactive.

On the official website DayZ appeared blogpost from Brian Hicks, in which he announced his decision to leave the Studio. Bohemia Interactive. In his farewell message he said that for a long time, gradually faded into the background in game development, and have a long thought about Bohemia Interactive.

Creative Director of DayZ left the Studio

The dismissal of the now former creative Director of DayZ has decided to coincide with the imminent release of 0.63, which brings the game to the release version. According to Hicks, he’s already done for DayZ all that he could.

According to the creative Director, the future DayZ his departure in any way, he must be sure that Peter knows in what direction it should develop DayZ.

Sam Hicks intends to return home to the USA where he will devote more time to family and the game in DayZ.

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