Center Kudrin proposed to create “digital doubles” of Russians

The Center for Strategic Developments (TSSR) former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin outlined the program of public administration reform, which proposed to create “digital doubles” of the Russians and develop a “digital mentality” of officials. About it writes RBC.

CSR proposes to create an “ocean of data” that will receive information about the person with his birth and as he grows. Based on these data, the Russians will be automatically provided with services such as accrual of social benefits to the mother, writing in kindergarten and the invitation to receive a passport.

The authors drew attention to the preservation of the existing system of public administration. According to the experts of the CSR, the system requires the transition to a new format without the “paper” services.

Center Kudrin proposes to divide the transformation into two parts. Part of the issues of public administration to transfer “intelligent agents” – programs that run on the basis of artificial intelligence, and more complex tasks.

“As a result of the state apparatus itself, ideally, will turn into a small and highly professional service, providing the most complex functions and a professional working with automated systems,” the report said.

To implement the proposed initiative proposes to create a Center for the Digital Transformation of Public Administration, which is headed by Deputy Prime Minister or Minister. According to CSR, the new structure should be to the entire budget, which now stands for automation of work of the authorities.

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