Best for the day. 3 may

Best for the day. 3 mayPixabay / Indicator.EN

What claw paleontologists have is discovered under the noses of ichthyornis what it cost. Elon musk. All these questions will be answered night digest.

Scientists have discovered right under the noses of ichthyornis one of the best known “Interactive links” – similar to the claw and beak.

Cost Elon musk a little povelivaet from questions of experts, and Tesla’s shares immediately went down.

In the atmosphere of exoplanets. Now just found.

Why Reporting to the Russian Science Foundation is just the right thing to be and what should be considered when preparing such reports in an interview.

Biologists have elucidated as the mechanism by which plants gravity is not broken.

Astronomers have not yet come to the end of the agreement, whether the Mars in ancient times, similar to Earth or was an icy desert. In the next article on this subject.

How to increase the image quality from LCD displays? It turned out, only need to change the orientation of the crystals.

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