50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”

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Trofimov explains quantum physics on curved fingers of the Humanities

50 awkward questions for the film "ant-Man and Wasp"

50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 1

10 78 21359

Trofimov explains quantum physics on curved fingers of the Humanities

50 awkward questions for the film "ant-Man and Wasp"50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 1

“Ant-man and Wasp” was released in our cinemas on 5 July. Like many fantasy blockbusters, he left behind many questions related to the plot of the film and the attempts to scientifically explain what is happening on the screen, as well as to what it all means for the future of kynoselen, for the forthcoming “Captain marvel” and the fourth “the Avengers”. Spoiler alert!

As I mentioned in reviews, “Ant-man and Wasp” puzzled me the fact that a large part of the scenes, sentences and decisions of the characters evoked a barrage of questions. So carelessly they were made. I am absolutely sure that, if meticulously and examine the picture, the final list of questions would be many times more. But your delusional and pointless all that running heroes with the laboratory under the mouse quickly passed to me over the critical level, so part of the plot issues at this time virtually no — to take it seriously and try to single out any specific holes in this Swiss cheese was extremely difficult. To ask a question, you have to at least know something for sure — “if it is so, then why?..”, and “the ant and the Wasp” not too concerned about maintaining connectivity or logic.

For example, the Ghost in the beginning trying to take away Wasps detail that Pamam need to finish the Tunnel. Then the Ghost tries to steal the Tunnel. So she’s trying to do — to build something on my own with foster (logical to steal the item), or steal the tunnel and use it (it is logical not to steal the item, give Piman to finish the Tunnel)? But the issue starts to fall apart from white spots — could a Ghost to switch to a new plan, learn about the Tunnel? When she finds out about him? Where and why only now? And so on — when the unknown becomes too much, to ask the question just does not make sense.

Instead, I focused on the scientific part of the film that the sequel decided to put forward a plan to devote more time to the explanation of the observed processes and to subsume under them some base. It went from bad to worse, and that annoyed me a lot stronger another illogical plot twist.

I have to say, I’m not psycho and do not require superhero Comedy strict adherence to the laws of physics. Of course, it will be pseudoscience and short, simplified blah-blah explanation fit only to the improbability of what is happening not a bouncer us from the movie, so we can reassure yourself that it’s blah-blah energy blah blah atoms, so all within limits.

The only question is exactly how the film will give their pseudoscience as serious approach to its development, how it respects its audience and how to evaluate his education. It is possible, as “interstellar”, along with one of the leading scientists in this field (Kip Thorne) hard to create an accurate computer model of a black hole, and you can, “interstellar”, to just blurt out that love is a fundamental force of the universe, like gravity.

So no, I don’t demand that science “Ant” matched the reality. The ultimate goal is to show the cool zoom in and out. The question is how you convince the viewer in the reality of the possibility of such technology. If you lie, lie talented. Instead, the filmmakers dumped on the viewer leaky, shoddy, sometimes contradicting itself nonsense, which protrude like needles, familiar scientific terms. This is despite the fact that a more coherent and elegant explanation that binds incredible to actually existing, was so close, so possible.

I realize that my liberal education is not enough to analyze such a complex topic, so no matter what the absolute accuracy of their assumptions do not apply. If you notice in them an obvious miscalculation — write.

I feel, this block of questions will be one of the most controversial in the entire cycle. Go.

50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 2

The basic laws of PIM-physics

1. So changing the mass of an object while reducing or not?

If not, then as the wasp flies on these wings, as Scott is the ant? How he can run at the plate or gun — why they don’t fail under his weight?

Why blow an Ant/Wasp produces the effect of a normal punch? If the mass is the same, but the density of the fist times higher, and the surface area becomes the size of a pin, the blow of an ant to penetrate skin and bone, like a bullet or an awl.

In short, if you look at the scenes with the smaller characters, 90 percent of the depicted facts go against the laws described by the film, not to mention the usual laws of physics.

2. How can they run the building under the mouse?

It would be not only unaffordable, it is through the asphalt would have failed with such a tiny surface area if the mass persists.

3. Why Dodge the hammer?

He can’t hurt either Ant or Wasp. The density of their bodies are much higher. It’s like hitting a five-meter inflatable mallet.

4. How does the increase?

Increasing, once reduced (such as tanks, machinery, buildings), special questions does not cause, but the blow-up of initially small items like salt shakers, Hello kitty water dispenser ants with that? If the distance between the atoms of these objects increases up to 200 times, they are just able to maintain its structure? It does not weaken critically the forces that assemble these atoms in a stable system? Will not burst if they, like a balloon or a soap bubble, if you really just?

5. Increased micro-objects also maintain their weight?

The idea is that they have to, but we see the opposite, and there’s no exceptions to remember. Increased prominal lang has a metal in the fall, he was not blown by the wind, despite the fact that his 80 kilo swelled to a much larger volume, increased surface area of the body. Increased salt, sweets bowls and the train carried the macro-objects in the trash, stomped, crushed, etc., as if their weight increased proportionately. Ants by increasing also not soared into the air at any movement, although their weight will barely be enough to stay on the floor.

Where the increase takes the additional mass for these objects — God knows.

50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 3

The plot

6. Why the alert is triggered from the foot with a GPS monitor, a failure in a fence?

We have GPS sensors have become so accurate that the 10 centimeters plus or minus already defined? Exactly on the fence permitted zone cut? In the system there is a couple of meters gray area, to eliminate the error? On the monitor there is no warning signal, giving a 30 sec to return to the green sector — it immediately activates the alarm? So why increase the chance of false positives such as the fact that in the end result? It’s money taxpayers would like to raise a brigade of the FBI, to conduct a useless search…

7. Could more adequately solve the problem?

For the film, the FBI breaks into the house of lang a few times, a bunch of employees conducting a search — if Scott was the priority subject (once you are so many resources on him every time you leave), maybe put the cameras? Inside the house — too violates the right to privacy? Okay, put it outside, at least a foot sticking out of the fence, they would see. And even better — put one agent in the car, which would take care of the house and the alarm from the foot of the monitor would immediately go inside and check it out. Wouldn’t have a bunch of agents to wander through the city each time, and lang would not have been able to have time to return before your arrival.

8. So many searches — and they didn’t find the phone?

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FBI film exhibited outright clowns, which is not necessary to catch killers and terrorists, they toil without work, learning card tricks and torturing the poor hero, just trying to communicate with her daughter. And the number of searches these professional agents are unable to find a regular phone in a hiding place — the sense of time in these searches? In these agents.

9. Now why Hank Pym allows her daughter to wear a suit, it’s dangerous?

Yes, he decides to make her a Wasp at the end of the first part, but it is not explained, neither there nor here. There he says that technology is not to destroy or hide, so you just need to make sure she was in good hands. So Hank didn’t trust her suit just because he could steal? As, for example, it was stolen from him by Scott, and PIM did not even try to return it or make sure it is destroyed. You are so concerned about theft or not? And why do you have always something to steal?

Hank explained in the first film, that he can not wear a suit because I wore it for years and it “had consequences”. What we don’t know. He figured that another couple of hours to be fatal too. The idea is that he should have to wear a suit and steal the Cross, and not to trust the left criminal, but it’s not about that.

If wearing the suit and the constant changes of size effect on the health or psyche — why he allows his daughter to wear, and even change the size to 30 times per minute on a whim — what’s in the suit that in cars?

Plus there is the risk reduced to subatom and the gap in the quantum world as a mom. Plus a chance any more damage suit that could kill you or maim. Plus the danger of superheroism itself — you then shoot, you hunt — including, to take the suit. That dispelled all his fears? He’s supposed to fuss over a daughter after he lost his wife — it was logical in the first film. But he was suddenly convinced that he in fact decided to give her daughter to do what killed her mother, is unclear. If he allowed all this after a good return Janet — then everything is clear, or at least for her return, but no. Just.

50 awkward questions for the film "ant-Man and Wasp"50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 4

10. Guns and wings?

Hank says that these technologies have had for a long time, but to Scott he didn’t trust. PIM, old man, your suit is able to reduce a person’s 200 times is its main feature, the main breakthrough the main processing chip, which you wouldn’t want to risk it.

You trust some criminals, but the wings and blasters in kinoplenka Marvel can seem to collect any student in the garage from shit and sticks is a no, too. We will pripsen for my daughter, which will never allow to wear a suit because it’s actually dangerous to health. This is complete nonsense. If you do not want to allow the technology to Cross the market, it was necessary to give Scott all the available tools — including miserable blasters (which have a Cross, incidentally, was much more powerful than those on a Wasp) and wings.

11. What PIM had for 30 years?

When the end of the previous film Hank shows EfE her costume, he says they worked on it more with her mom, saying, it is necessary to proupdate and to bring to mind.

Before Scott successfully selected from the quantum world, Hank and doesn’t think about the fact that the wife may be alive that we should try to find a way to scan this quantum world, and make sure to try to contact her or stupid to build technology that allows safely to go and return.

The tunnel, which allows you to do it, it builds just now, between the movies. So what he toiled for 30 years? Technology suit it did not improve, apparently, given what Scott wears all the same stuff, how to enjoy himself and Hank. On the costume of the Wasp was not working. Wife to get not tried. What was he doing? A brilliant scientist 30 years of drinking tea with sugar, which the ants carry? Not trying to help people, didn’t invent a cure for cancer or machines for terraforming Mars?

12. Why exactly in this superhero franchise there is no superheroish?

The only thing that made Ant (and only the first, Pym, not lang) who fit the description of superheroish, it saved people from the launch 30 years ago. Or rather, he screwed up and not saved, saved wife. All that makes Ants and Wasps after, pursuing purely personal goals — no people not in danger, the city does not blow up, a ray of light in the sky beats. You can certainly say that if technology falls into the wrong hands, they can, in theory, hurt a civilian. Maybe.

Why can’t we see our hero risking their lives for the sake of ordinary people? Neither of the two and a half movies, including “Citizen”, where lang again helped only one Supes can fight others, destroying the immovable property of a foreign state. People are not saved.

Or superheroes need to describe it differently. Individuals with superpowers trying to protect their patents and fighting industrial espionage (“Iron-man 1-2″there), and occasionally rescuing ordinary people in between.

13. Why Hank didn’t even think about how to get his wife, before the events of the film?

It turns out that he got it to save, and saved by accident — Scott is back, and this means she could to survive there. But what hurt just believe in this opportunity to ditch the force to try to rescue her and only after making sure completely that it is impossible to retreat? Why not build a tunnel back then? To get it right?

If you say that Scott was needed as an antenna to find Janet, it is also secondary. Lang contacted her not because of unique features, he was just another person in the quantum world, plus she could feel a link with Hank. If Hank showed up to her himself, she would be exactly the same (or rather — much lighter and stronger) on it she tied to him. But for some reason he immediately surrendered, died, died, and risk was not new ways to make the transition safer to develop did not.

50 awkward questions for the film "ant-Man and Wasp"

50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 5

14. 3 knives in a row?

In one of the first action scenes that we saw in the trailer, a man runs into the kitchen, grabs a knife and throws it into a Wasp. The camera is translated to it (man is no longer visible) and we see how the first knife with a gap of 30 centimeters in another two fly knife. How he managed so fast to pick up and throw? Enough he clearly not three at once — while he took the rest, would have passed much more time, and knives would fly with much larger intervals.

15. Uh-uh, basement?

Magic laboratory Hank is a big Domino. Of those who need a solid Foundation. The film believes that the building is a type of cartons, which stand on the floor and don’t move just because of the fact that heavy. Reducing the lab leaves behind a smooth surface, that is the Foundation of the building was not. As it is, an increase in the random uneven unfortified site did not sink into the ground, not crooked, not apart?

I actually thought that OSA leads Hank to an underground laboratory, but this was obviously not the underground part of the building was not. All of this is an ant Kingdom was on earth, disguised as a normal stone floors. The building is glazed and everything, so it is unclear how through these Windows there was nothing suspicious to be seen.

16. Who built the pen?

At what stage there drummed the handle of a suitcase? If it was built in full — sized building is a lot of work. If in a smaller version — still neatly drill under it mine and not to derail the whole building — it was worth it? Given that the house, in the end, still magically, all boxed in his hands, as if he were easier on the TV.

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About the wheels I hesitate to even ask. Well oke, but the visual gag for the trailer.

17. We have again stolen technology?

In fact, we repeat the plot of the first movie, only minus the intricate robbery, funny montages of addiction to ability and the episode with the Vigilante. Hank Pym, pararajasegaram on the fact that his technology gets stolen, stolen technology. For the second time. Or, given that the Phantom’s father that there was to separately develop and got burned (or fourth, considering that Cattle rested his costume to help the Cap)?

Technology this time is not stealing former subordinate in the supersuit, and the daughter of a former slave in the supersuit (well, not so super, but still). Again, we are talking about selling them on the black market, some unknown, but very dangerous figures. Scott, again, problems with the law, he is still trying to establish a relationship with her daughter, and Luis also drags on itself all the humor of the film — a huge bucket of cast irons.

50 awkward questions for the film "ant-Man and Wasp"

50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Picture 6

18. How did the villains know so well what this lab is and how it works?

Hank Pym is in hiding, he’s hiding from the law, he has the technology to disguise themselves more than successful. He is very concerned that its technologies do not fall into the wrong hands. Yes, they still steal all the time, but still.

What the Ghost and Sonny know about making the PIM, and how a Tunnel can help them specifically, it is permissible, though with difficulty in this logic. But birch rushes to the laboratory as if somewhere knows exactly what it is, how it works and how to sell it. Know that this is not just a toy model of the building. But the most amazing villains know exactly how the building work that had to be the panel that he mounted on the roof, I notice his absence and begin to look for him. Where? They read the script?

19. Slashed the tires? Are you serious?

The villain Sonny Burch rushes in pursuit of the Ghost, but she managed to attend to in order to gut the tires of their cars. Not to burn out the electronics in the car, fiserova through it (kitty pride kind of did something similar), not had the car on the probability of “infecting” their own illness, and stupidly punctured tires. A hell of creative. Terrible evil.

I even admit that it’s not just a stupid idea, and a reference to the first comic book about the Ant, where do featured punctured tires, but reference should be inserted so that it turned everything into a farce. There’s a lot that appeared in these comics, for example, the villain Egghead, trying to convince the ants (real) to rise up against the tyrant Pima and betray him, and then gathered to drive the Ant in the box, tape all around against insects (by the way, it has great Easter eggs in the film). It could also be inserted into the film, and absurd submission it would really be funny. But without a competent supply it turns out is just silly.

20. And this is to stop them?

Think about it. Sonny Burch is hunting for a technology that will bring him billions. Billions! It can have very similar villains of “Jurassic World 2” to buy thousands of dinosaurs. But Sonny sees the shattered bus and instantly give up. All, now it does not catch up. All is lost.

AU — around a bunch of other people’s cars, you are criminals, you in no hijacker? Break the glass, shoot if necessary, see if there’s a key behind the flap — in the movie they are always there. At stake is billions, you are willing to kill for the sake of it, and the car to steal, right?

21. Why foster helping to find a lab, if he is behind her kidnapping?

He tells Pym way to track the lab, but why? This could be explained by the desire to lure them into a trap to grab the PIM and company, to get them to help cure the Ghost, but it’s not like bill foster needed their help, he is able to pull the scientific part of the procedure independently, he needs only equipment PIM. So why then to direct them on the trail? And if PIM do need, then why steal the lab, it was necessary initially to kidnap all together.

50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 7

The quantum world

22. If the suit changes the distance between atoms, then it can shrink to a subatomic state?

Even if all the atoms of the body to squeeze in one, it will still be the size of the atom. That is not subatomic.

We do more than 99% composed of empty space. The size of the atoms relative to the distance between them is negligible, and so is the size of the nucleus of an atom relative to the distance from it to the upper border of the electron cloud (the sphere which is taken for the overall size of the atom), it is believed that the quarks that make up protons and neutrons, is also much smaller distances between them.

PIM could say I found a way to shorten the distance between quarks, between electrons and the nucleus — then he could formally get into the subatomic world. But I didn’t.

It’s funny that the scientist, who advised the film, said that to reduce the object to 200 times may be possible by replacing its electrons and muons. The muon is a particle similar to the electron properties, the same charge and spin. But, as it is 200 times heavier particle will be located much closer to the core, reducing the final size of the atom in the same 200 time (this gives us the size of an ant. Subatom still does not).

The idea is that there could be a little problem with the fact that the nucleus in this approximation will begin to merge due to muon catalysis, when the hydrogen atoms are closer together at such a distance in fusion reactors, they have a temperature of 30 million degrees. In short, you can’t just flatten an atom — there’s so much empty space, not because the particles are scattered on the floor, the particles begin to interact differently.

23. Why the quantum world looks different now?

In the first part, Scott has fallen into something that looks completely different. First we saw the pollen in the air, those unfortunate animals, and then extremely schematic and does not correspond to the real distances, the model of the atom, and then had some chrome hypercubes, falling in on themselves and at the end — kind of black, suspended in space and whitish webs in it. PIM sees the quantum world as some mixed pastures, the entire planet.

The first performance was more or less acceptable — an abstract visual shapes, together with an explanation of the PIM that the human brain is simply not able to perceive such an experience. Perhaps he fills the void of their own fantasies.

The new look as too specific and similar to another planet or a parallel reality, like measurement Dormammu. In the subatomic world are not similar. There is gravity, etc.

In this dimension, the photons could hardly be perceived by the eye, so don’t see a damn thing in any case, sounds, of course, also no environment.

One could say that there is really emptiness and crazed the brain of Scott submitted one, and the brain of PIM — other. That’s just weird that Janet goes for the same provided to the land and he is able to see her new look. Not to imagine, to invent, and to see for sure — after all, she emerges into the real world. If he saw her blurred image or introduce her young, one could say that it is the consciousness of the two talking in the void, inventing colorful landscape on the background, but not out.

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50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 8

24. But Janet would not imploded in a singularity?

The very survival of the people in the quantum world is a lot of questions. Reduction in 200 times is one thing, but reduction to subatom with maintaining cell structure and consciousness — it is quite another matter. When compressing this mass in an infinitely small volume it is impossible not to call a number of different fun effects. For example, not to turn into a black hole. She does not have to be supermassive, it’s a question of density. Yes, chlorosis, she wouldn’t have eaten the Earth and the Sun, and just would evaporate through Hawking radiation, but still pleasant enough.

25. Why Janet did not fail in the core of the planet?

Janet has appeared wrinkles, so gravity there really is, it’s not just a visualization of the patient’s brain. Gravity really needs to act on it (weight is the same supposedly), but to drag it it will not be on the surface of the strange coloured plains, and the core of the Earth, just like us. Just the floor for us and the earth impenetrable, and we do not fall down inside the planet for Janet is not such a problem. It can fall in the center, can go into orbit around the nucleus, leaving at least periodically in space. In this situation, so many crazy assumptions that it is difficult to imagine something more or less clearly.

26. Why Janet older?

PIM in the first film said that time and space in the usual sense in the quantum world ceases to make sense, and it’s close to the truth, there really are quite different laws. Fans, on the basis of this phrase, the polls were sure that the wife of PIM emerges from there, unaged for a minute, but she shows old all the same 30 years.

Even if we consider simple things like the properties of space-time depending on the speed at that Janet could accelerate due to the failure to the center of the planet, then slow down and accelerate again — it’s not inhibited to air, solid matter — it is the size of the atom. The final average speed of its orbit could significantly slow the passage of time for her, she could age, but not at the same 30 that Hank. Time for her had to go slower, even if not to take into account the properties of quantum mechanics.

Yes, Pfeiffer rejuvenate effects every time a little expensive, but you don’t need Pfeiffer. Janet in the past and in the present could be thirty/forty years old — take over a young actress and all. Yes, then the PIM will look a bit strange with the wife who’s the same age as his daughter, and 20-30 years younger than him, but you follow your own logic. Hank himself, I am sure, against the young wife did not object. You don’t have to create half of the plot holes listed below.

27. Why without a helmet?

In the first film, the PIM says that the process of reduction is unstable, the helmet protects against possible effects of this process on brain chemistry and the Cross, it seems, did not take into account (and therefore the one probably at the end and freaks out, rushing to the little girl instead of the road and hide from the authorities). But why did Hank without a helmet in the ship, why is Janet not wearing a helmet in the quantum reality and how it then there is not crazy?

28. What they breathe in the quantum world?

Janet goes without a helmet, and Hank (sorry as expensive actors in a touching moment for the window to hide). They must breathe, though the oxygen atom must be the size of a house or the planet — it depends on how deep they went. Scott in the first film, logic is not violated (relatively, of course) — he brought with him his diminished oxygen they breathe while wearing the helmet, he stayed there for long. Here everything is sent to hell.

29. Death in a vacuum?

Given that the quantum world is similar to space in that it is 99 percent vacuum, Janet there the idea had to occur the same problems as that of Schwarzenegger, Gamora, Yondu and Leia. No pressure, boiling saliva, lungs collapsed and other amenities.

50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 9

30. Why her sword from the wing?

We see that over the shoulder Janet something like a sword or axe made from her old wing. But what he told her? Cut through nanogong? Quantize sausage? From the animals to fight back? She’s the size of a star, so unlikely.

The film suggests either that in this world there are your quantum tigers and dragons, or the fact that not one Janet lives here — somewhere here can fly and Cross, who also fatally diminished because of the defect of the suit, maybe someone else like parents, the Ghost (although they sort of turned into charred body, and it is unlikely that their consciousness has failed in the quantum world magically).

31. What Janet ate all the time?

It is older, and therefore the metabolic processes in her body was going as usual. Due to what? What did she eat? Quantum energy?

32. What is quantum energy?

If you Google these words, will come out pseudoscientific site that uses all the same fashionable scientific words to preach about the unity of consciousness, etc. will come out the websites of different companies that thought it sounds cool. There will be a link to the comic book wiki, which tells about the use of this energy in the comics like Marvel and DC.

Why not come out, it’s a Wikipedia page with a description of a scientific term because it does not exist. A quantum is the smallest, further indivisible piece of anything. A beam of light, smaller than which there can be, for example. Energy can be quantized, that is divided into chunks, discrete. The quantum energy of the word, has no meaning.

But okay, let them have the sense in the world of the film. What it does, where it come from and how it works? Zero answers. It’s a macguffin in the purest form — no clear description and explanations, abstract mighty crap, which solves all the problems of the plot for a second. For example, treating a bundle of a Ghost. At the touch of a finger, like et of the Spielberg.

33. What abilities got Janet?

Pfeiffer says that evolved into the quantum world, then treats of the Ghost by the laying on of hands. What else she can now do?

34. Abilities will weaken?

If the saturation of the quantum energy gives her new powers, after returning to the real world Janet, in theory, should start to lose them. Perhaps that is why in the scene after the credits they have to send Scott back to the quantum world quantum for some honey — so fingers Janet’s Ghost no longer qualify.

50 awkward questions for the film “ant-Man and Wasp”. – Image 10

35. Two hours, what?

Hank says they have two hours to get Janet, then she lost. Where did this abstract of time limit. No, it is clear that it came from the needs of the writers to somehow introduce tension into the plot and increase the stakes, but… In the quantum world at the same time, other laws have said yourself, there is something difficult to measure accurately.

Could say that the more you find out the location of Janet, the less clear becomes its momentum, and hence decreases your ability to predict where she will be next. So, we need to dive quickly, before you know where it is, and not lost it completely. Well, you use the pop feature of the quantum world &mdas

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